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    If you were asleep for the last two days, chances are you didn’t see this acoustic studio session of Last Train. Check it out!

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    Anonymous asked: What did u think of the how I met your mother finale?!?


    ****HIMYM SPOILERS******

    Before I start talking shit about it, I’d like to talk about how I think the show should’ve ended. I have two ways I would’ve been content with:

    1. The obvious: The show would have ended directly after Ted says, “And that, kids, is how I met your mother” as the shot pans out from the train station while he and Tracy continue their first conversation.  It would have let us fans create our own happy ending.  

    2. Closure: You might recall in one of the episodes in the final season, Tracy gets proposed to by her ex boyfriend right before Robin and Barney’s wedding.  At this time, she still feels tied to her dead ex fiance- so much so that she not only flees the scene but ends up breaking things off with the current guy as well.  During this scene, she steps outside to collect her thoughts and takes a moment to “talk” to her late ex fiance.  In a way, she asks for his blessing to move on, to continue her life and love again, and through the power of nature, he sends her a sign letting her know that it’s time for her to love again.  

    What would’ve given me closure with Tracy’s passing and Ted pursuing Robin would have been for Ted to have a similar “discussion” with the late Tracy.  If we could have had one more encounter with Tracy after finding out she had passed away, I would’ve been happy.  Having her send Ted a sign would have made me believe that love never truly dies.  

    Now, how I felt about the ACTUAL ending:

    I am not a fan, merely because it was too “real”.  I’m the kind of person that loves happy endings- aka girl marries guy, they live happily ever after, so on and so forth.  HIMYM did not end like that by any means.  We as viewers spent 9 years watching the protagonist of this show on his journey for true love.  Along the way we fell in love with him for everything that he was and wasn’t, and through that, we developed a love for the Mother.  Though we had never met her, we loved her merely because we knew that one day she would love Ted and give him everything he’d been searching for.  To find out in just one episode (the last, nonetheless) that she would be taken away from us before we even got to get to know her in our minds was heartbreaking.  They stole from us the person that represented not only love, but hope, wonder, mystery, and “the journey”.  She embodied magic, and her death, to me, made me feel hopeless, like there is really no inexplicable magic left in this world.

    Another plot twist I disliked pertains to Robin and Barney’s divorce.  Though the divorce in itself was disappointing (another kick in the nuts to all of us who believed love actually changed Barney), it was the transformation Robin went through following the divorce that disappointed me.  From Episode 1, Robin represented independence and strength.  After the divorce, Robin was depicted as weak and from the impression I got, also a failure and possibly depressed.  Everything she stood for was flushed down the toilet after the divorce.  She was no longer Robin.  She was a sad, dog lady.  That’s not Robin at all.  Robin was always one to persevere.  How terrible to strip her of her best qualities just because of a divorce.  Is this what we are to expect after divorces in real life?  Is there no happiness or chance for starting over afterwards?  Not the best message to send in my opinion.  Yes, we get that she’d been thinking about how she should’ve chosen Ted all those years ago, but I hate that they let it consume her life.  

    What I DID like about the actual ending:

    The fact that they showed the money exchange between Lily and Marshal in accordance with the bet they’d placed years prior pertaining to Ted and Robin ending up together.  Was a good joke for all of us old fans. :)

    All in all, the writers chose a good ending because they got what they wanted: THE ENTIRE INTERNET RAGING ABOUT IT.  It’s good publicity. 

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    Hey everyone! I was invited to give a speech up in Washington for my high school’s career night and I decided to take a quick break from the recording studio and head back to the NW.

    I am a teacher at heart and thought that this would be an incredible opportunity to talk about my own journey in a way that can relate to any person trying to figure themselves out in life.

    I hope it inspires you to shoot for the stars and that nothing is standing in the way of you and your dreams.


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    This is a must see video if you need to be inspired  in anyway.

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Ricky is me seeing someone reading Twilightwow so pop punkKing the Kid | Beat It (Michael Jackson cover)


    Ricky is me seeing someone reading Twilight
    wow so pop punk

    King the Kid | Beat It (Michael Jackson cover)

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    I miss the halfpipe life

    I miss the halfpipe life

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So this is my second chibi in my King the Kid project…  And my style has changed again since the last time I drew anything…  Something is telling me that I will be drawing at least one or two of these again before I finish this project.  Anyway, this is David Michael Frank…  Or at least my attempt at it.  If I butchered it, please forgive me.



    So this is my second chibi in my King the Kid project…  And my style has changed again since the last time I drew anything…  Something is telling me that I will be drawing at least one or two of these again before I finish this project.  Anyway, this is David Michael Frank…  Or at least my attempt at it.  If I butchered it, please forgive me.


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    Giving a speech at my high schools’ career night tomorrow, can’t look like the hobo I really am.

If any hobos follow me on insta, no offense.

    Giving a speech at my high schools’ career night tomorrow, can’t look like the hobo I really am.

    If any hobos follow me on insta, no offense.

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    The Music Industry Through The Eyes Of An Independent Band

    Writing this was so fun!


    Hello and welcome to the second ‘Advice’ column of the week. This one is a bit different than others that have come before, as it is a guest post covering a wide array of industry topics. We never know what our guest contributors will deliver, but we are always impressed by the results, and this entry is no exception. If you have an idea for this blog, or if you would like to learn more about the digital distribution services we offer, please do not hesitate to email james@haulix.com and share your thoughts. If you prefer social media, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.


    A couple weeks back, I was watching our news ticker here at Haulix HQ when I say an exclusive on Billboard from an up and coming pop rock band I did not know existed. The photo accompanying the article showed three young and, admittedly, my mind instantly jumped to comparisons with the recent resurgence of boy bands. Then I heard their music and realized that was not the case in the slightest. No, these young men were (and are) onto something real. Something people can dance to, yes, but also connect with again and again.

    The name of the group from that article is King The Kid, and they are currently watching their career ascend like a rocket through the various levels of underground stardom. They are indeed young, but that in no way means that have not learned the proper way to navigate the often tumultuous terrain of the music industry, and in the paragraphs below they share their recipe for success. From getting started, to touring, infrastructure, and goals, this may be the most wide-reaching guest article we have ever hosted and the information contained is absolutely indispensable. 

    If you would like to stay up to date with everything King The Kid have going on, make sure you follow the band on Twitter. Additional questions and comments can be left at the end of this post.



    On the surface, King The Kid, our band, is a group of three best friends that not only write and record music but also travel the country playing for our rapidly growing fanbase. But behind the scenes, King The Kid, LLC. is a well-oiled machine/ independent band that tries to effectively leverage our skills to maximize growth and potential opportunities. At all times, we are focused on both the Art and the Business of what we are trying to accomplish.

    Read More

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    I don’t know if anybody knows the band King The Kid. They are great! Check them out on youtube. I love their FOB cover and original songs. Anyway, they are playing at Pittsburg on June 8th, 2014. It’s at the Smiling Moose bar. I’m pretty sure it’s all ages. Tickets are like $12! So yeah if you like them or will after checkin them out (wink, wink) then you should go if you live by there. (I sadly can’t :( but I get to stay home for like 3 days by myself so that’ll be awesome!)

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    New video on my new channel with Nat! It’s pretty damn funny.

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    Anonymous asked: Everyday for the next week or so I'm going to tell you one thing I love about you leading up to the next time we meet. Just because I can. Day1: You're genuine. The way you interact with us fans is truly remarkable. I hope you never forget how amazing you are and I am beyond blessed to have you in my life. Treat Natalie good ya hear, even though I know you will. So thank you for being ever so lovely. I appreciate your existence. And your music. I hope you see these. I'll be back tomorrow :)

    Aww. Looking forward to it! You’ve set a high bar for yourself already on the first post. Thanks for warming my heart <3

    I promise to treat Nat great!

    Thank you for your existence. Looking forward to meeting you at Playlist.



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    thestiffadrenalinejunkie asked: What kind of bass do you have, precision or jazz bass? 8))

    Jazz! Sounds so good!

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David Michael Frank from King The KidYou are… Lamp. (&amp; I love Lamp)THE YOU ARE MOVEMENT © 2011 
Follow us for more from King The Kid!! 


    David Michael Frank from King The Kid
    You are… Lamp. (& I love Lamp)

    Follow us for more from King The Kid!!